Behind Pillivuyt, a story is hiding. But also values. These values have been transmitted into the manufactory years after years. From the knowhow to the porcelain quality, without forget our products innovation, we wish that our values are known by everyone, and that they are recognize through our products and our brand.

1. Industrial know-how

Pillivuyt has kept her knowhow over the decades, which is from the porcelain tradition. Despite the production modernization, our porcelain is still manufacturing according to the same method. On this day, Pillivuyt manufactory is one of the rare which is produce her own dough, according to a homemade recipe, thanks to materials which are selected by our precautions. In final, all of this proceed give us an optimal quality, 100% made in France ! To discover our knowhow in details, watch the video below.

Our production tool nowadays is still one of the most powerfull and modern in the porcelain domain!

Pillivuyt manufactory is equipped with the most recent technologies :

  • 26 battery casting press molds
  • 5 isostatic pressing heads
  • 5 automatic calibration machines
  • 2 chains cups in battery
  • 1 CFM machine for the hollow parts casting

Nowadays, in one year, Pillivuyt manufactory is producing more than 3 million of pieces. That is equivalent of 1 500 tons of porcelain.

Brigitte Lhonneur, spinner at decor department : “Pillivuyt know-how is expressed by precision research and by work regularity, to satisfy the final client, on keeping in mind that he will receive a handmade product. It’s also a wish to find a solution to any exception request, don’t matter of the form and the decoration of the piece.”
Dominique Cagnat, modeller : "Despite the technological advancement, some professions are still working nowadays according to the old way of work. Their learning need time and practice. Their transmission is a real pride generator: we are lasting quality actors of these professions ! During the porcelain manufacturing process, we find them at different levels. That’s why are talking about know-how at Pillivuyt.”

2. Innovation

Because of constant research of innovation and novelty, we are trying to improve our manufacturing process, performance and our porcelain quality days after days. Thanks to this innovation and novelty culture, Pillivuyt has developed an expertise in the porcelain domain. Our company has also succeeded to create, design and set up our own dough and technologies. In all, 3 dough have been designed by Pillivuyt

  • Pillivuyt® dough, which allowing to produce non-porous pieces, which are particularly resistant to thermal and mechanic shock.
  • Pillenium® dough, which is an extra tough dough with an 7 times higher resistance than the others dough, to produce thinner pieces just as resistant
  • Pilliflame® doug, specially designed to resist to extrem thermal and mechanic shocks, to produce compatible pieces with all cooking mode, including on flame (barbecue for example). Associated glaze is non-stick, for an easy maintenance of the product.
David Burnel, CEO : " For Pillivuyt, 200 years company, innovation should be an every moment leitmotiv: Always ask to ourselves this question : How to dis this otherwis ?

Our strategy bring us to demonstrate and explain our company values: Authenticity, simplicity, friendliness, quality and ease of its products use. Attached to its region, and to its history, innovation should be a motor for us. It needs to allow us to convey all these messages.

To be done, there is innovation around the product where every design need to be thoughtful according to the use, and the DNA brand. But, for us, it must not stop here. Innovation should also be present into the offer that we can propose to the customer, from the distribution to the communication of the brand and its values.

Finally, and it’s an important point, it’s also when we think to new work methods that we arrive to do some evolutions into the company, so she can respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow. By the way of the innovation of all the departments, we can allow to the company to evolute."

Eric Dubois, Product R&D Chief: "Innovation at Pillivuyt, it’s a perm questionning of the porcelain possibilities Years after years, technologics and technics evolutions allow to us to flirt and repel limits of this material. Into the company, innovation is a permanent motor which brings together knowhows et allow to always go forward. "

3. An unique quality

At Pillivuyt, all our pieces are cooked at 1 400 celsius degrees , which confers to these a highest resistance to thermals and mechanics shocks. With a such temperature, baking allow to Pillivuyt products to be non-porous. This particularity allow to prevent a bacterium development and guarantee a total neutrality tastes, and also a faultless alimentary hygiene. It’s also necessary to know that all the Pillivuyt porcelain is guarantee without plumb and cadium.

Many capacities products

  • Thermals shocks resistance
    Pillivuyt products can be placed in a freezer and, directly go to an oven or a micro-wave (except gold and platinum décor for the micro-wave).

  • Baking
    You can also use our products on gas or electric plates with a diffuser. In addition, Ulysse and Toulouse ranges can be used on all types of fire, including induction.

  • Excellent diffusion and heat preservation
    Pillivuyt culinary porcelain allow an uniformly baking and a long time keeping of the hot dishes during a service.

  • Schocks and scratchs resistance

  • Alimentary hygiene
    Glazes total non-porosity comes from a cooking at 1400 celsius degrees, ensures a maximum food hygiene and a tastes neutrality.

  • Aesthetic and easily cleanable
    With the whiteness and extreme hardness of Pillivuyt glaze, you can clean with a very simple way our products (all Pillivuyt products are dishwasher safe). In addition, their brilliance will be maintained over the time.
Igor Dinnat - Quality Manager : " First Pillivuyt leitmotiv is to satisfy our customers and to deliver a quality product which goes beyond customuers requirements. Respect of the process and good manufacturing practices, love of good work, strict quality control including laboratory, staff training and all levels communications are a part of a normal day in our manufactory. To anticipate industrial change in progress, Pillivuyt has committed in a process of continuous improvement to make its production processes even more reliable."

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