Ville de Paris

Ville de Paris

To celebrate its 200th anniversary, Pillivuyt is further strengthening its deep attachment to its Parisian history. Founded by Jean Louis Richard Pillivuyt in 1818, the first Pillivuyt store opened in Paris in 1847. It was located at 46 rue du Paradis in the 10th arrondisement. Pillivuyt was twice awarded the gold medal at the Universal Exhibition of Paris in 1878 and 1889.

Today, Pillivuyt and the Marie of Paris have joined forces to create a porcelain collection under the Ville de Paris brand, which aims to help showcase the ancestral skill and know-how of our porcelain creators and promote 100% French production and quality.


The Marie of Paris is delighted to be working in association with a company that has been awarded the French living heritage label which recognises the excellence of all that is Made in France.

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